Health & Safety

We take health and safety seriously, putting it at the forefront of all that we do. From project planning and design which includes advanced risk assessments prior to commencing on site, right through to the execution and completion of projects. Following a stringent procedure, we formulate method statements for each and every single project which is adhered to by all members of our team.

To promote good practice of health and safety across our company, we operate an open door policy that encourages communication at all levels. This culture endorses training and self-assessment in all that we do and demonstrates a genuine care for the well-being of all AOC staff.

In January 2018 AOC were accredited and certified by CQMS’ Safety Scheme having┬ádemonstrated the required level of competence and compliance with the SSIP Core Criteria.

For further details on how we conduct our health and safety procedures or on our complete range of services, please call 0161 766 4749 or email