Brunswick Estate Demolition Works

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Anthony O’Connor & Son’s have recently been assigned to take on multiple demolition works over the course of a 3-5 year £2M project  for Galiford Try & S4B joint venture, as part of the improvements to the Brunswick area, including service disconnections, asbestos removal, demolition, removal of slabs and foundations and finally crushing and backfilling.

Demolition phase of works commenced recently following an extensive asbestos removal program, this being the first of many structures to be demolished by Anthony O’Connor & Sons.


As part of the improvements to the Brunswick area, S4B will be building new homes for sale and for rent as part of their regeneration proposals, and new roads in order to increase the natural surveillance of the neighbourhood making the area feel more open. This is in addition to major demolition works of their old health centre and multiple environmental improvements including a community orchard and allotment plots.

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