AOC helps demolish former PowerGen site and home to zombie apocalypse

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AOC Demolition Ltd were contracted by CPUK Ltd to strip out and demolish the former Powergen site in Shirley, which had stood empty for over two decades with the exception of being used as a set for the filming of a zombie film.

Zombie’s aside, the building had been targeted by metal thieves and vandals, ultimately creating an eyesore and potential danger for the local community and resulting in the decision of it’s demolition – that’s where we came in!

With the site being located directly next to the A34 Stretford Road which accumulates a considerable amount of traffic, all access and egress was planned in advance by the AOC team with great consideration and precision. With health and safety being of utmost importance to us, we also employed a crane mat to generate a safe barrier system whilst completing works within close proximity to the busy road.

The building was not made up of one simple structure, it in fact consisted of:

  • A nine-story office block
  • A multi-story car park
  • A four-story office block
  • A low-rise office block
  • Sports hall
  • Canteen

Each structure was successfully and carefully demolished with the intention of the arising’s crushed on site being reused on the new build phase, so all materials produced were segregated into the relevant waste streams to maximise recycling targets on site.

We are proud to say that we saw the project from the planning stages straight through to completion in a matter of four months, with minimal difficulties or disruptions, and met an impressive recycling target of 98%.

If you have a similar demolition project which requires bulk demolition or the collected materials to be reused and recycled, please get in touch with our experienced and professional team on 0161 766 4749 and we would be happy to help.